Leviticus 26
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Additional Blessings of Obedience

1Ye shall make you no ydolles nor grauen ymage nether rere you vpp any piler nether ye shall sett vp any ymage of stone in youre lande to bowe youre selues there to: for I am the Lorde youre God. 2kepe my sabbathes and feare my sanctuary. for I am the Lorde. 3Yf ye shall walke in myne ordynaunces and kepe my commaundmentes and do them 4then I will sende you rayne in the ryght ceason ad youre londe shall yelde hir encrease and the trees of the felde shall geue their frute. 5And the threshynge shall reach vnto wyne haruest and the wyneharuest shall reach vnto sowyng tyme and ye shall eate youre bred in plenteousnes and shall dwell in youre lande peasably. 6And I wil sende peace in youre londe that ye shall slepe, and no man shal make you afrayde. And I will ryd euell beestes out of youre londe, and there shall no swerde goo thorowe out youre lande. 7And ye shall chace youre enemyes, and they shall fall before you vppon the swerde. 8And fiue of you shall chace an hundred, and an hundred of you shall put .x. thousande to flighte, and youre enemyes shall fall before you apon the swerde. 9And I wil turne vnto you and encrease you and multipye you, and sett vpp my testament with you. 10And ye shall eate olde store, ad cast out the olde for plentuousnes of the newe. 11I will make my dwellynge place amonge you, and my soule shall not loothe you. 12And I will walke amonge you and wilbe youre God, and ye shalbe my people. 13For I am the Lorde youre God, whiche broughte you out off the lande of the Egiptians, that ye shulde not be their bondemen, and I brake the bowes of youre yockes, and made you go vprighte.

Punishments for Disobedience
(Leviticus 20:1–9; Deuteronomy 28:15–68)

14But and yf ye will not harken vnto me, nor will do all these my commaundementes, 15or yf ye shall despyse myne ordinaunces ether yf youre soules refuse my lawes, so that ye wil not do all my commaundnentes, but shall breake myne appoyntment: 16then I will do this agayne vnto you: I will viset you with vexations, swellynge and feuers, that shall make youre eyes dasell and with sorowes of herte. And ye shall sowe youre seed in vayne, for youre enemyes shall eate it. 17And I will set my face agenste you and ye shal fall before youre enemyes, and they that hate you shal raigne ouer you, ad ye shall flee whe no man foloweth you. 18And yf ye will not yet for all this herken vnto me, than will I punish you seuen tymes more for youre synnes, 19and will breake the pride off youre strength. For I will make the heaue ouer you as harde as yerne, and youre londe as hard as brasse. 20And so youre laboure shalbe spent in vayne. For youre londe shall not geue hir encrease, nether the trees of the londe shall geue their frutes.

21And yf ye walke contrary vnto me and will not herken vnto me, I will bringe seuen tymes moo plages apon you acordinge to your synnnes. 22I will sende in wylde beestes apon you, which shall robbe you of youre childern and destroye youre catell, and make you so fewe in numbre that youre hye wayes shall growe vnto a wildernesse.

23And yf ye will not be lerned yet for all this but shall walke contrarye vnto me, 24then will I also walke contrarye vnto you and will punish you yet seuen tymes for youre synnes. 25I will sende a swerde apon you, that shall avenge my testament with you. And when ye are fled vnto youre cities, I will sende the pestelence amonge you, ye shall be delyuered in to the handes of youre enemyes. 26And when I haue broken the staffe of youre bred: that .x. wyues shall bake youre bred in one ouen and men shall delyuer you youre bred agayne by weyghte, tha shal ye eate and shall not be satisfied.

27And yf ye will not yet for all this harken vnto me, but shall walke contrarye vnto me, 28then I will walke contrary vnto you also wrathfully and will also chastice you seuen tymes for youre synnes: 29so that ye shall eate the flesh of youre sonnes and the flesh of youre doughters. 30And I will destroye youre alters bylt apon hye hylles, and ouerthrowe youre images, and cast youre carkasses apon the bodies of youre ydolles, and my soule shall abhorre you. 31And I will make youre cities desolate, and bringe youre sanctuaries vnto nought, and will not smell the sauoures of youre swete odoures. 32And I will bringe the londe vnto a wildernesse: so that youre enemyes which dwell therein shall wondre at it. 33And I will strawe you amonge the heethen, and will drawe out a swerde after you, and youre lande shalbe wast, and youre cities desolate.

34Then the lande shall reioyse in hir Sabbathes, as longe as it lyeth voyde and ye in youre enemies londe: euen then shall the londe kepe holye daye and reioyse in hir Sabbathes. 35And as longe as it lyeth voyde it shall rest, for that it coude not reste in youre Sabbathes, when ye dwelt therein. 36And vppon them that are left alyue of you I will sende a feyntnesse in to their hertes in the londe of their enemies: so that the sounde of a leef that falleth, shall chace them and they shall flee as though thei fled a swerde, and shall fall no man folowinge them. 37And they shall fall one uppon another, as it were before a swerde euen no man folowinge them, and ye shall haue no power to stonde before youre enemyes: 38And ye shall perish amonge the hethen, ad the londe of youre enemyes shall eate you vpp. 39And thei that are left of you, shall pyne awaye in their vnrightuousnes, euen in their enemies londe, and also in the mysdeades of their fathers shall they consume.

God Remembers Those Who Repent

40And they shall confesse their misdedes and the misdeades of their fathers in their trespases which thei haue trespased against me, and for that also that thei haue walked contrary vnto me. 41Therfore I also will walke contrary vnto them, and will brynge them in to the londe of their enemyes. And then at the leest waye their vncircumcysed hertes shall be tamed, ad then they shall make an attonement for their misdedes. 42And I wil remembre my bonde with Iacob and my testamet with Isaac, and my testament with Abraham, and will thinke on the londe. 43For the londe shall be lefte of them and shall haue pleasure in hir Sabbathes, while she lyeth wast without them, and they shall make an attonement for their misdeades, because they despysed my lawes and their soules refused myne ordinaunces. 44And yet for all that when thei be in the londe of their enemyes, I will not so cast them awaye nor my soule shall not so abhorre them, that I will vtterlye destroye the ad breake myne appoyntment with them: for I am the Lorde their God. 45I will therfore remebre vnto the the first couenaunt made when I broughte them out of the lond of Egipte in the sighte of the hethen to be their God: for I am the Lorde.

46These are the ordinaunces, iudgemetes, ad lawes which the Lorde made betwene him ad the childern of Israel in mount Sinai by the hade of Moses.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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