2691. chatser
Strong's Concordance
chatser: court
Original Word: חָצֵר
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: chatser
Phonetic Spelling: (khaw-tsare')
Definition: enclosure, court
I. חָצֵר145 noun masculineEzekiel 40:23 and (oftener) feminine1Kings 6:36 enclosure, court — absolute ׳ח 1 Kings 7:8 +, חָצֵרָה Jeremiah 36:20; construct חֲצַר Exodus 27:9 +; suffix חֲצֵרוֺ 2 Samuel 17:18; חֲצֵרוֺת Exodus 8:9 4t.; construct חַצְרֵי Nehemiah 13:7, הַצְרוֺת 2 Kings 21:5 10t.; suffix חֲצֵרָ֑י Isaiah 1:12; Zechariah 3:7; חֲצֵרֶיךָ Psalm 65:5; Psalm 84:11; חֲצֵרוֺתָ֑י 1 Chronicles 28:6; חֲצֵרֹתָיו Psalm 100:4, לְחַצְרוֺתָ֑יו Psalm 96:8, וּבְחַצְרֹתֵיהֶם Nehemiah 8:16; —

1 enclosures (in Egypt),perhaps court-yards, or cattle-yards, distinct from houses and from fields Exodus 8:9 (J).

2 court of private house 2 Samuel 17:18 (containing well), compare Nehemiah 8:16; of a palace, חָצֵר הָאַחֶרֶת 1 Kings 7:8 the other court, immediately surrounding palace, so called in distinct. from הַגְּדוֺלָה ׳(הֶ)ח 1 Kings 7:9; 1 Kings 7:12 the great court, including ׳הא ׳ח and הַמְּנִימִית ׳הֶח of temple (see

3b) in one great enclosure (see StaSalomos Bauten, ZAW 1883. 152 f.); 2 Kings 20:4 (Qr Vrss The Kmp Klo and others; Kt Ke and others הָעִיר), Jeremiah 36:20; Esther 1:5; Esther 2:11; Esther 4:11; Esther 5:1,2; Esther 6:4 (twice in verse); Esther 6:5; מַטָּרָה ׳ח court of guard, place of (honourable) confinement Jeremiah 32:2 (in king's house), Jeremiah 32:8; Jeremiah 32:12; Jeremiah 33:1; Jeremiah 37:21 (twice in verse); Jeremiah 38:6,13,28; Jeremiah 39:14,15. Especially

3. a. court of tabernacle חֲצַר הַמִּשְׁכָּן Exodus 27:9, compare Exodus 27:9; Exodus 27:12; Exodus 27:13 24t. Exodus (all P; ׳שַׁעַר הֶח gate of the court Exodus 35:17; Exodus 38:15,18,31; Exodus 39:40; Exodus 40:8,33); Leviticus 6:9; Leviticus 6:19; Numbers 3:26 (twice in verse) (מֶּתַח ׳הֶח), Numbers 3:37; Numbers 4:26 (twice in verse) (׳מֶּתַח שַׁעַר הֶח), Numbers 4:32; courts of house of ׳י 1 Chronicles 23:28.

b. court(s) of Solomon's temple, inner with הַמְּנִימִית ׳הֶח 1 Kings 6:36; 1 Kings 7:12 (but on text see Stal. c.) Ezekiel 8:16; Ezekiel 10:3 compare Ezekiel 10:4; = upper with הָעֶלְיוֺן ׳הֶח Jeremiah 36:10 (see Gf), and הַכֹּהֲנִים ׳ח2Chronicles 4:9 (where also הָעֲזָרָה הַגְּדוֺלָה, as often Ezek., also דְּלָתוֺת לָעֲזָרָה); outer court ׳הֶח הַחִיצֹנָה Ezekiel 10:5 = הַחֲדָשָׁה ׳הֶח2Chronicles 20:5; see further 1 Kings 8:64 2Chronicles 7:7; 24:21; 29:16; Jeremiah 19:14; Jeremiah 26:2; Ezekiel 8:7; two courts 2 Kings 21:5 2Chronicles 33:5; 2 Kings 23:12; courts Ezekiel 9:7; 1 Chronicles 28:12; 2Chronicles 23:5; Nehemiah 8:1,6; Nehemiah 13:7; often in poetry, courts of ׳י Isaiah 1:12; Isaiah 62:9 (קדשׁי ׳ח), Zechariah 3:7; Psalm 65:5; Psalm 84:3; Psalm 84:11; Psalm 96:8; Psalm 100:4; Psalm 116:19; Psalm 135:2

c. courts of Ezekiel's temple Ezekiel 40:14 38t. Ezekiel 40-46 (of these read הַשַּׁעַר for החצר Ezekiel 40:19,32 with ᵐ5 Hi Co; and החיצון for החצר Ezekiel 41:15 with ᵐ5 Ew Co). **Ezekiel 42:6 הַחִיצֹנוֺת for הַחֲצֵרוֺת.

II. חצר (√ of following; compare Arabic be present, settle or dwell, see LagBN 47 f.; Sabean חצֿר fixed abode Os (Levy)ZMG 1865, 185 CISiv, 1. 2, No. 79. 82).

II. [חָצֵר]46 noun masculineNehemiah 11:25 settled abode, settlement, village (Lagl. c.) — always plural, absolute חֲצֵרִים Joshua 19:8 5t.; construct חַצְרֵי 1 Chronicles 9:16; Nehemiah 12:28; suffix חֲצֵרֶיהָ Joshua 21:12 4t.; חַצְרֵיהֶם 1 Chronicles 4:33 6t.; חַצְרֵיהֶן Joshua 13:23 24t. Joshua; —

a. settlements of Ishmaelites Genesis 25:16 (P; "" טִירוֺת circles of tents); of עַוִּים Deuteronomy 2:23; of Kedar Isaiah 42:11 ("" עָרִים); בָּתֵּי הַחֲצֵרִים אֲשֶׁר אֵיןלָֿהֶם חֹמָה סָבִיב Leviticus 25:31 (H), houses of the villages which have no wall about them; מַאֲרַב חֲצֵרִים Psalm 10:8 lurking-place(s) of villages (i.e. where oppressor, as a wild beast, watches his opportunity to attack the defenceless). Usu.

b. as dependencies of cities Joshua 15:46, with בְּנֹתֶיהָ (see above בַּת

4 p. 123) Joshua 15:45,47 (twice in verse) (all J E ?); אֲשֶׁר סְבִיבוֺת הֶעָרִים ׳וְכָלהַֿח Joshua 19:8 (P), also Joshua 21:12 (P), = 1 Chronicles 6:41; Nehemiah 12:29; also Joshua 13:23,28; Joshua 15:32 23t. Joshua (all P), Nehemiah 11:25,30 ("" בָּנוֺת Nehemiah 11:25; Nehemiah 11:27 etc.), Nehemiah 12:28.

c. villages, not contrasted with cities (compare Isaiah 42:11 above) 1 Chronicles 9:16,22,25 (all of Levites).

d. ׳ח apparently including all settlements outside of Jerusalem ׳הַח בִּשְׂדֹתָם Nehemiah 11:25. — ׳ח in proper name, of a location see below (and see Bla on Joshua 15:20-32).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
court, tower, village

(masculine and feminine); from chatsar in its original sense; a yard (as inclosed by a fence); also a hamlet (as similarly surrounded with walls) -- court, tower, village.

see HEBREW chatsar

Forms and Transliterations
בְּ֝חַצְר֗וֹת בְּחַצְר֖וֹת בְּחַצְר֤וֹת ׀ בְּחַצְר֥וֹת בְּחַצְרֵ֖י בְּחַצְרֵ֥י בְּחַצְרֵיהֶ֖ם בְּחַצְרֵיהֶ֜ם בְחַצְרֵיהֶם֙ בֶּֽחָצֵ֔ר בֶּחָצֵ֑ר בֶּחָצֵ֣ר בֶּחָצֵ֤ר בֶחָצֵ֑ר בַּחֲצֵר֖וֹ בַּחֲצֵרֶ֗יךָ בַּחֲצַ֕ר בַּחֲצַ֖ר בַּחֲצַ֣ר בַּחֲצַ֤ר בַּחֲצַ֥ר בחצר בחצרו בחצרות בחצרי בחצריהם בחצריך הֶֽחָצֵ֑ר הֶֽחָצֵ֔ר הֶֽחָצֵ֖ר הֶֽחָצֵ֗ר הֶֽחָצֵ֜ר הֶֽחָצֵ֤ר הֶֽחָצֵר֙ הֶֽחָצֵר֩ הֶחָצֵ֑ר הֶחָצֵ֔ר הֶחָצֵ֖ר הֶחָצֵ֗ר הֶחָצֵ֛ר הֶחָצֵ֜ר הֶחָצֵ֣ר הֶחָצֵ֤ר הֶחָצֵ֥ר הֶחָצֵ֧ר הֶחָצֵ֨ר הֶחָצֵֽר׃ הֶחָצֵר֙ הַֽחֲצֵרִ֗ים הַחֲצֵר֑וֹת הַחֲצֵר֛וֹת הַחֲצֵרִ֖ים הַחֲצֵרִ֗ים הַחֲצֵרֹ֖ת הַחֲצֵרוֹת֙ החצר החצר׃ החצרות החצרים החצרת וְהֶֽחָצֵר֙ וְחַצְרֵיהֶ֑ן וְחַצְרֵיהֶ֔ם וְחַצְרֵיהֶֽם׃ וְחַצְרֵיהֶֽן׃ וְחַצְרֵיהֶם֙ וְחָצֵ֨ר וְלֶחָצֵ֛ר וְלַחֲצַ֧ר וַחֲצֵרֶ֖יהָ וַחֲצֵרֶ֗יהָ וַחֲצֵרֶֽיהָ׃ וַחֲצֵרוֹתָ֑י וּבְחַצְר֖וֹת וּבְחַצְרֹ֣תֵיהֶ֔ם ובחצרות ובחצרתיהם והחצר וחצר וחצרותי וחצריה וחצריה׃ וחצריהם וחצריהם׃ וחצריהן וחצריהן׃ ולחצר חֲצֵ֫רֶ֥יךָ חֲצֵר֣וֹת חֲצֵרִ֖ים חֲצֵרִ֗ים חֲצֵרֶ֑יהָ חֲצֵרָ֑י חֲצֵרָֽי׃ חֲצֵרֹתָ֥יו חֲצַ֣ר חַצְר֥וֹת חַצְרֵ֖י חַצְרֵיהֶ֗ם חָצֵ֔רָה חָצֵ֖ר חָצֵ֣ר חָצֵ֥ר חָצֵר֙ חצר חצרה חצרות חצרי חצרי׃ חצריה חצריהם חצריך חצרים חצרתיו לְחַצְר֧וֹת לְחַצְר֪וֹת לְחַצְרוֹתָֽיו׃ לֶֽחָצֵר֙ לֶחָצֵ֖ר לֶחָצֵ֜ר לֶחָצֵ֣ר לֶחָצֵ֥ר לַחֲצַ֖ר לַחֲצַ֣ר לַחֲצַ֤ר לחצר לחצרות לחצרותיו׃ מֵֽהֶחָצֵ֖ר מֵחֲצַ֣ר מהחצר מחצר ba·ḥă·ṣar ba·ḥă·ṣê·re·ḵā ba·ḥă·ṣê·rōw bachaTzar bachatzeReicha bachatzeRo baḥăṣar baḥăṣêreḵā baḥăṣêrōw be·ḥā·ṣêr ḇe·ḥā·ṣêr bə·ḥaṣ·rê bə·ḥaṣ·rê·hem ḇə·ḥaṣ·rê·hem bə·ḥaṣ·rō·wṯ bechaTzer bechatzRei bechatzreiHem bechatzRot beḥāṣêr ḇeḥāṣêr bəḥaṣrê bəḥaṣrêhem ḇəḥaṣrêhem bəḥaṣrōwṯ chaTzar chaTzer chaTzerah chatzeRai chaTzeReicha chatzeReiha chatzeRim chatzeRot chatzeroTav chatzRei chatzreiHem chatzRot ha·ḥă·ṣê·rîm ha·ḥă·ṣê·rō·wṯ ha·ḥă·ṣê·rōṯ ḥă·ṣar ḥā·ṣê·rāh ḥă·ṣê·rāy ḥă·ṣê·re·hā ḥă·ṣê·re·ḵā ḥă·ṣê·rîm ḥă·ṣê·rō·ṯāw ḥă·ṣê·rō·wṯ ḥā·ṣêr hachatzeRim hachatzeRot haḥăṣêrîm haḥăṣêrōṯ haḥăṣêrōwṯ ḥaṣ·rê ḥaṣ·rê·hem ḥaṣ·rō·wṯ ḥăṣar ḥāṣêr ḥāṣêrāh ḥăṣêrāy ḥăṣêrehā ḥăṣêreḵā ḥăṣêrîm ḥăṣêrōṯāw ḥăṣêrōwṯ ḥaṣrê ḥaṣrêhem ḥaṣrōwṯ he·ḥā·ṣêr hechaTzer heḥāṣêr la·ḥă·ṣar lachaTzar laḥăṣar le·ḥā·ṣêr lə·ḥaṣ·rō·w·ṯāw lə·ḥaṣ·rō·wṯ lechaTzer lechatzRot lechatzroTav leḥāṣêr ləḥaṣrōwṯ ləḥaṣrōwṯāw mê·ḥă·ṣar mê·he·ḥā·ṣêr mechaTzar mêḥăṣar mehechaTzer mêheḥāṣêr ū·ḇə·ḥaṣ·rō·ṯê·hem ū·ḇə·ḥaṣ·rō·wṯ ūḇəḥaṣrōṯêhem ūḇəḥaṣrōwṯ uvechatzRot uvechatzRoteiHem vachatzeReiha vachatzeroTai vechaTzer vechatzreiHem vechatzreiHen vehechaTzer velachaTzar velechaTzer wa·ḥă·ṣê·re·hā wa·ḥă·ṣê·rō·w·ṯāy waḥăṣêrehā waḥăṣêrōwṯāy wə·ḥā·ṣêr wə·ḥaṣ·rê·hem wə·ḥaṣ·rê·hen wə·he·ḥā·ṣêr wə·la·ḥă·ṣar wə·le·ḥā·ṣêr wəḥāṣêr wəḥaṣrêhem wəḥaṣrêhen wəheḥāṣêr wəlaḥăṣar wəleḥāṣêr
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Englishman's Concordance
Genesis 25:16
HEB: וְאֵ֣לֶּה שְׁמֹתָ֔ם בְּחַצְרֵיהֶ֖ם וּבְטִֽירֹתָ֑ם שְׁנֵים־
NAS: are their names, by their villages, and by their camps;
KJV: and these [are] their names, by their towns, and by their castles;
INT: and these are their names their villages their camps both

Exodus 8:13
HEB: הַבָּתִּ֥ים מִן־ הַחֲצֵרֹ֖ת וּמִן־ הַשָּׂדֹֽת׃
NAS: out of the houses, the courts, and the fields.
KJV: out of the houses, out of the villages, and out of the fields.
INT: of the houses at the courts at and the fields

Exodus 27:9
HEB: וְעָשִׂ֕יתָ אֵ֖ת חֲצַ֣ר הַמִּשְׁכָּ֑ן לִפְאַ֣ת
NAS: You shall make the court of the tabernacle.
KJV: And thou shalt make the court of the tabernacle:
INT: shall make the court of the tabernacle side

Exodus 27:9
HEB: תֵּ֠ימָנָה קְלָעִ֨ים לֶחָצֵ֜ר שֵׁ֣שׁ מָשְׁזָ֗ר
NAS: [there shall be] hangings for the court of fine
KJV: [there shall be] hangings for the court [of] fine twined
INT: southward hangings the court of fine twisted

Exodus 27:12
HEB: וְרֹ֤חַב הֶֽחָצֵר֙ לִפְאַת־ יָ֔ם
NAS: [For] the width of the court on the west
KJV: And [for] the breadth of the court on the west
INT: the width of the court side the west

Exodus 27:13
HEB: וְרֹ֣חַב הֶֽחָצֵ֗ר לִפְאַ֛ת קֵ֥דְמָה
NAS: The width of the court on the east
KJV: And the breadth of the court on the east
INT: the width of the court side the east

Exodus 27:16
HEB: וּלְשַׁ֨עַר הֶֽחָצֵ֜ר מָסָ֣ךְ ׀ עֶשְׂרִ֣ים
NAS: For the gate of the court [there] [shall be] a screen
KJV: And for the gate of the court [shall be] an hanging
INT: the gate of the court a screen of twenty

Exodus 27:17
HEB: כָּל־ עַמּוּדֵ֨י הֶֽחָצֵ֤ר סָבִיב֙ מְחֻשָּׁקִ֣ים
NAS: around the court shall be furnished
KJV: round about the court [shall be] filleted
INT: All the pillars the court around shall be furnished

Exodus 27:18
HEB: אֹ֣רֶךְ הֶֽחָצֵר֩ מֵאָ֨ה בָֽאַמָּ֜ה
NAS: The length of the court [shall be] one hundred
KJV: The length of the court [shall be] an hundred
INT: the length of the court hundred cubits

Exodus 27:19
HEB: וְכָל־ יִתְדֹ֥ת הֶחָצֵ֖ר נְחֹֽשֶׁת׃ ס
NAS: the pegs of the court, [shall be] of bronze.
KJV: thereof, and all the pins of the court, [shall be of] brass.
INT: and all the pegs of the court bronze

Exodus 35:17
HEB: אֵ֚ת קַלְעֵ֣י הֶחָצֵ֔ר אֶת־ עַמֻּדָ֖יו
NAS: the hangings of the court, its pillars
KJV: The hangings of the court, his pillars,
INT: the hangings of the court pillars sockets

Exodus 35:17
HEB: מָסַ֖ךְ שַׁ֥עַר הֶחָצֵֽר׃
NAS: for the gate of the court;
KJV: for the door of the court,
INT: and the screen the gate of the court

Exodus 35:18
HEB: וְאֶת־ יִתְדֹ֥ת הֶחָצֵ֖ר וְאֶת־ מֵיתְרֵיהֶֽם׃
NAS: and the pegs of the court and their cords;
KJV: and the pins of the court, and their cords,
INT: of the tabernacle and the pegs of the court and their cords

Exodus 38:9
HEB: וַיַּ֖עַשׂ אֶת־ הֶחָצֵ֑ר לִפְאַ֣ת ׀ נֶ֣גֶב
NAS: Then he made the court: for the south
KJV: And he made the court: on the south
INT: made the court side the south

Exodus 38:9
HEB: תֵּימָ֗נָה קַלְעֵ֤י הֶֽחָצֵר֙ שֵׁ֣שׁ מָשְׁזָ֔ר
NAS: the hangings of the court were of fine
KJV: the hangings of the court [were of] fine twined
INT: southward the hangings of the court fine twisted

Exodus 38:15
HEB: וּמִזֶּה֙ לְשַׁ֣עַר הֶֽחָצֵ֔ר קְלָעִ֕ים חֲמֵ֥שׁ
NAS: of the gate of the court [were] hangings
KJV: side of the court gate,
INT: he of the gate of the court hangings fif

Exodus 38:16
HEB: כָּל־ קַלְעֵ֧י הֶחָצֵ֛ר סָבִ֖יב שֵׁ֥שׁ
NAS: the hangings of the court all around
KJV: All the hangings of the court round about
INT: All the hangings of the court all fine

Exodus 38:17
HEB: כֹּ֖ל עַמֻּדֵ֥י הֶחָצֵֽר׃
NAS: the pillars of the court were furnished
KJV: and all the pillars of the court [were] filleted
INT: and all the pillars of the court

Exodus 38:18
HEB: וּמָסַ֞ךְ שַׁ֤עַר הֶחָצֵר֙ מַעֲשֵׂ֣ה רֹקֵ֔ם
NAS: of the gate of the court was the work
KJV: for the gate of the court [was] needlework,
INT: the screen of the gate of the court was the work of the weaver

Exodus 38:18
HEB: לְעֻמַּ֖ת קַלְעֵ֥י הֶחָצֵֽר׃
NAS: to the hangings of the court.
KJV: to the hangings of the court.
INT: corresponding to the hangings of the court

Exodus 38:20
HEB: הַיְתֵדֹ֞ת לַמִּשְׁכָּ֧ן וְלֶחָצֵ֛ר סָבִ֖יב נְחֹֽשֶׁת׃
NAS: of the tabernacle and of the court all around
KJV: of the tabernacle, and of the court round about,
INT: the pegs of the tabernacle the court all bronze

Exodus 38:31
HEB: וְאֶת־ אַדְנֵ֤י הֶֽחָצֵר֙ סָבִ֔יב וְאֶת־
NAS: and the sockets of the court all
KJV: And the sockets of the court round about,
INT: and the sockets of the court all and the sockets

Exodus 38:31
HEB: אַדְנֵ֖י שַׁ֣עַר הֶחָצֵ֑ר וְאֵ֨ת כָּל־
NAS: of the gate of the court, and all
KJV: and the sockets of the court gate,
INT: and the sockets of the gate of the court and all the pegs

Exodus 38:31
HEB: כָּל־ יִתְדֹ֥ת הֶחָצֵ֖ר סָבִֽיב׃
NAS: the pegs of the court all around.
KJV: and all the pins of the court round about.
INT: and all the pegs of the court around

Exodus 39:40
HEB: אֵת֩ קַלְעֵ֨י הֶחָצֵ֜ר אֶת־ עַמֻּדֶ֣יהָ
NAS: the hangings for the court, its pillars
KJV: The hangings of the court, his pillars,
INT: the hangings the court pillars sockets

189 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 2691
189 Occurrences

ba·ḥă·ṣar — 16 Occ.
ba·ḥă·ṣê·re·ḵā — 1 Occ.
ba·ḥă·ṣê·rōw — 1 Occ.
be·ḥā·ṣêr — 4 Occ.
bə·ḥaṣ·rê — 2 Occ.
bə·ḥaṣ·rê·hem — 2 Occ.
bə·ḥaṣ·rō·wṯ — 5 Occ.
ḥă·ṣar — 5 Occ.
ḥā·ṣêr — 5 Occ.
ḥā·ṣê·rāh — 1 Occ.
ḥă·ṣê·rāy — 2 Occ.
ḥă·ṣê·re·ḵā — 1 Occ.
ḥă·ṣê·re·hā — 2 Occ.
ḥă·ṣê·rîm — 3 Occ.
ḥă·ṣê·rō·wṯ — 1 Occ.
ḥă·ṣê·rō·ṯāw — 1 Occ.
ḥaṣ·rê — 1 Occ.
ḥaṣ·rê·hem — 1 Occ.
ḥaṣ·rō·wṯ — 3 Occ.
ha·ḥă·ṣê·rîm — 3 Occ.
ha·ḥă·ṣê·rōṯ — 4 Occ.
he·ḥā·ṣêr — 65 Occ.
la·ḥă·ṣar — 3 Occ.
le·ḥā·ṣêr — 10 Occ.
lə·ḥaṣ·rō·wṯ — 2 Occ.
lə·ḥaṣ·rō·w·ṯāw — 1 Occ.
mê·ḥă·ṣar — 1 Occ.
mê·he·ḥā·ṣêr — 1 Occ.
ū·ḇə·ḥaṣ·rō·wṯ — 1 Occ.
ū·ḇə·ḥaṣ·rō·ṯê·hem — 1 Occ.
wa·ḥă·ṣê·re·hā — 4 Occ.
wa·ḥă·ṣê·rō·w·ṯāy — 1 Occ.
wə·ḥā·ṣêr — 2 Occ.
wə·ḥaṣ·rê·hem — 4 Occ.
wə·ḥaṣ·rê·hen — 26 Occ.
wə·he·ḥā·ṣêr — 1 Occ.
wə·la·ḥă·ṣar — 1 Occ.
wə·le·ḥā·ṣêr — 1 Occ.

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