Genesis 43
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1And the famine was severe in the land. 2And when they had finished eating the grain that they had brought from Egypt, Yaquuv their father said to them, “Go down; buy a little grain for us.” 3Yehuda said to him, “The man swore and testified to us and said, “You will not see my face unless your brother is with you. 4If you send our brother with us, we will go down and we will buy grain for us. 5And if you do not send, we are not going down, because of what the man said to us: ‘You will not see my face unless your brother is with you.’ 6Israel, their father, said to them, “Why did you afflict me and tell the man that you surely have a brother?” 7And they said, “The man pointedly asked about us and about our family, and he said, “Is your father still living and do you have a brother?”, and we told him, because of these words. Were we to know that he would say, ‘Bring down your brother?.’ 8And Yehuda said to Israel, his father, “Send the boy with us, and we will arise and go and we will live and not die, neither we, nor you, neither our little ones. 9I pledge security for him from my hands; you may require it; if I do not bring him to you and set him before you, I shall be sinning against my father all my days 10Also, if we had not delayed, doubtless we would have returned a second time.”

11And Israel their father said to them, “If it is so, do this: take from the good of the land in your vessels and bring down a gift to the man, a little balsam and a little honey and balm and pistachios and terebinth berries and almonds: 12And take double money in your hands and give back the money that he returned to the mouth of your sacks in your hands, lest it was an error 13And take your brother and arise and return to the man 14And God Almighty give you mercy before the man, and he shall send with you your other brother and Benyamin, and inasmuch as I am bereaved, I am bereaved.” 15And the men took this gift and they took double the money in their hands, and they drove Benyamin with them, and they arose and they went down to Egypt and they stood before Yoseph.

16And Yoseph saw Benyamin with them, and he said to his Custodian, “Bring the men to the house; kill an animal and prepare it, because the men will eat with me at noonday.” 17And the Servant did as Yoseph said and brought the men to the house of Yoseph. 18And they were afraid when they brought them to the house of Yoseph, and they said, “Because of the money that he returned in our sacks at the first, they are bringing us to magnify themselves against us, and to deal treacherously against us, and to enslave us and our donkeys as slaves.” 19And they approached the man, the Steward of Yoseph, and they spoke with him in the gate of the house. 20And they said to him, “We beg our Lord, truly we went down at the first to buy grain: 21And when we went on to the lodging house, we opened our sacks, and behold, the money of each man was in the mouth of his sack; we are returning our money by its weight in our hands. 22And we bring down other money with us to buy grain; we do not know who put our money in the mouth of our sacks.” 23He said to them, “Peace to you; you shall not be afraid; your God, the God of your father, put a treasure for you in your sacks; your money came with me”; and he brought out Shemon to them. 24And the Servant brought the men to the house of Yoseph and he gave them water and they washed their feet and he set fodder for their animals. 25And they prepared the gift until Yoseph entered at noonday, because they heard that they were eating bread there.

26And Yoseph entered the house and they brought the gift that was in their hands to the house and they bowed to him on the ground. 27And he invoked their peace and said to them, “Is your old father well of whom you told me? Is he still living?” 28And they said, “Your Servant our father is well”, and they said to him, “He is still living” and they knelt and they bowed. 29And he lifted his eyes and he saw Benyamin, his brother, son of his mother, and he said to them, “Is this your little brother of whom you have told me?”, and he said, “May God have favor upon you my son.” 30And Yoseph made haste, because he showed his affections concerning his brother, and he wanted to weep, and entered the inner room, and he wept there. 31And he washed his face and went out, and he was restrained and said that bread would be set out for them. 32And they set for him alone, and for them by themselves, and for the Egyptians who eat with him by themselves, because that Egyptians cannot eat bread with Hebrews, because that is defilement to Egyptians. 33And they were seated before him, the elder according to his age, and the younger according to his youth; and the men marveled, each man with his fellow. 34And they took a portion for themselves from before him, and the portion of Benyamin was greater than the portion of all their five portions, and they drank and they became drunk with him.

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