Psalm 119
GOD'S WORD® Translation

1Blessed are those whose lives have integrity, those who follow the teachings of the LORD.

2Blessed are those who obey his written instructions. They wholeheartedly search for him.

3They do nothing wrong. They follow his directions.

4You have commanded that your guiding principles be carefully followed.

5I pray that my ways may become firmly established so that I can obey your laws.

6Then I will never feel ashamed when I study all your commandments.

7I will give thanks to you as I learn your regulations, which are based on your righteousness.

8I will obey your laws. Never abandon me.

9How can a young person keep his life pure? [He can do it] by holding on to your word.

10I wholeheartedly searched for you. Do not let me wander away from your commandments.

11I have treasured your promise in my heart so that I may not sin against you.

12Thanks be to you, O LORD. Teach me your laws.

13With my lips I have repeated every regulation that [comes] from your mouth.

14I find joy in the way [shown by] your written instructions more than I find joy in all kinds of riches.

15I want to reflect on your guiding principles and study your ways.

16Your laws make me happy. I never forget your word.

17Be kind to me so that I may live and hold on to your word.

18Uncover my eyes so that I may see the miraculous things in your teachings.

19I am a foreigner in this world. Do not hide your commandments from me.

20My soul is overwhelmed with endless longing for your regulations.

21You threaten arrogant people, who are condemned and wander away from your commandments.

22Remove the insults and contempt that have fallen on me because I have obeyed your written instructions.

23Even though influential people plot against me, I reflect on your laws.

24Indeed, your written instructions make me happy. They are my best friends.

25I am close to death. Give me a new life as you promised.

26I told you what I have done, and you answered me. Teach me your laws.

27Help me understand your guiding principles so that I may reflect on your miracles.

28I am drowning in tears. Strengthen me as you promised.

29Turn me away from a life of lies. Graciously provide me with your teachings.

30I have chosen a life of faithfulness. I have set your regulations in front of me.

31I have clung tightly to your written instructions. O LORD, do not let me be put to shame.

32I will eagerly pursue your commandments because you continue to increase my understanding.

33Teach me, O LORD, how to live by your laws, and I will obey them to the end.

34Help me understand so that I can follow your teachings. I will guard them with all my heart.

35Lead me on the path of your commandments, because I am happy with them.

36Direct my heart toward your written instructions rather than getting rich in underhanded ways.

37Turn my eyes away from worthless things. Give me a new life in your ways.

38Keep your promise to me so that I can fear you.

39Take away insults, which I dread, because your regulations are good.

40I long for your guiding principles. Give me a new life in your righteousness.

41Let your blessings reach me, O LORD. Save me as you promised.

42Then I will have an answer for the one who insults me since I trust your word.

43Do not take so much as a single word of truth from my mouth. My hope is based on your regulations.

44I will follow your teachings forever and ever.

45I will walk around freely because I sought out your guiding principles.

46I will speak about your written instructions in the presence of kings and not feel ashamed.

47Your commandments, which I love, make me happy.

48I lift my hands [in prayer] because of your commandments, which I love. I will reflect on your laws.

49Remember the word [you gave] me. Through it you gave me hope.

50This is my comfort in my misery: Your promise gave me a new life.

51Arrogant people have mocked me with cruelty, yet I have not turned away from your teachings.

52I remembered your regulations from long ago, O LORD, and I found comfort [in them].

53I am burning with anger because of wicked people, who abandon your teachings.

54Your laws have become like psalms to me in this place where I am only a foreigner.

55At night I remember your name, O LORD, and I follow your teachings.

56This has happened to me because I have obeyed your guiding principles.

57You are my inheritance, O LORD. I promised to hold on to your words.

58With all my heart I want to win your favor. Be kind to me as you promised.

59I have thought about my life, and I have directed my feet back to your written instructions.

60Without any hesitation I hurry to obey your commandments.

61[Though] the ropes of wicked people are tied around me, I never forget your teachings.

62At midnight I wake up to give thanks to you for the regulations, which are based on your righteousness.

63I am a friend to everyone who fears you and to everyone who follows your guiding principles.

64Your mercy, O LORD, fills the earth. Teach me your laws.

65You have treated me well, O LORD, as you promised.

66Teach me [to use] good judgment and knowledge, because I believe in your commandments.

67Before you made me suffer, I used to wander off, but now I hold on to your word.

68You are good, and you do good things. Teach me your laws.

69Arrogant people have smeared me with lies, [yet] I obey your guiding principles with all my heart.

70Their hearts are cold and insensitive, [yet] I am happy with your teachings.

71It was good that I had to suffer in order to learn your laws.

72The teachings [that come] from your mouth are worth more to me than thousands in gold or silver.

73Your hands created me and made me what I am. Help me understand so that I may learn your commandments.

74Those who fear you will see me and rejoice, because my hope is based on your word.

75I know that your regulations are fair, O LORD, and that you were right to make me suffer.

76Let your mercy comfort me as you promised.

77Let your compassion reach me so that I may live, because your teachings make me happy.

78Let arrogant people be put to shame because they lied about me, [yet] I reflect on your guiding principles.

79Let those who fear you turn to me so that they can come to know your written instructions.

80Let my heart be filled with integrity in regard to your laws so that I will not be put to shame.

81My soul is weak from waiting for you to save me. My hope is based on your word.

82My eyes have become strained from looking for your promise. I ask, "When will you comfort me?"

83Although I have become like a shriveled and dried out wineskin, I have not forgotten your laws.

84What is left of my life? When will you bring those who persecute me to justice?

85Arrogant people have dug pits to trap me in defiance of your teachings.

86(All your commandments are reliable.) Those people persecute me with lies. Help me!

87They almost wiped me off [the face of] the earth. But I did not abandon your guiding principles.

88Give me a new life through your mercy so that I may obey the written instructions, [which came] from your mouth.

89O LORD, your word is established in heaven forever.

90Your faithfulness endures throughout every generation. You set the earth in place, and it continues to stand.

91All things continue to stand today because of your regulations, since they are all your servants.

92If your teachings had not made me happy, then I would have died in my misery.

93I will never forget your guiding principles, because you gave me a new life through them.

94I am yours. Save me, because I have searched for your guiding principles.

95The wicked people have waited for me in order to destroy me, [yet] I want to understand your written instructions.

96I have seen a limit to everything else, [but] your commandments have no limit.

97Oh, how I love your teachings! They are in my thoughts all day long.

98Your commandments make me wiser than my enemies, because your commandments are always with me.

99I have more insight than all my teachers, because your written instructions are in my thoughts.

100I have more wisdom than those with many years of experience, because I have obeyed your guiding principles.

101I have kept my feet [from walking] on any evil path in order to obey your word.

102I have not neglected your regulations, because you have taught me.

103How sweet the taste of your promise is! It tastes sweeter than honey.

104From your guiding principles I gain understanding. That is why I hate every path that leads to lying.

105Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path.

106I took an oath, and I will keep it. I took an oath to follow your regulations, which are based on your righteousness.

107I have suffered so much. Give me a new life, O LORD, as you promised.

108Please accept the praise I gladly give you, O LORD, and teach me your regulations.

109I always take my life into my own hands, but I never forget your teachings.

110Wicked people have set a trap for me, but I have never wandered away from your guiding principles.

111Your written instructions are mine forever. They are the joy of my heart.

112I have decided to obey your laws. They offer a reward that never ends.

113I hate two-faced people, but I love your teachings.

114You are my hiding place and my shield. My hope is based on your word.

115Get away from me, you evildoers, so that I can obey the commandments of my God.

116Help me God, as you promised, so that I may live. Do not turn my hope into disappointment.

117Hold me, and I will be safe, and I will always respect your laws.

118You reject all who wander away from your laws, because their lies mislead them.

119You get rid of all wicked people on earth as if they were rubbish. That is why I love your written instructions.

120My body shudders in fear of you, and I am afraid of your regulations.

121I have done what is fair and right. Do not leave me at the mercy of those who oppress me.

122Guarantee my well-being. Do not let arrogant people oppress me.

123My eyes are strained from looking for you to save me and from looking for the fulfillment of your righteous promise.

124Treat me with kindness, and teach me your laws.

125I am your servant. Help me understand so that I may come to know your written instructions.

126It is time for you to act, O LORD. Even though people have abolished your teachings,

127I love your commandments more than gold, more than pure gold.

128I follow the straight paths of your guiding principles. I hate every pathway that leads to lying.

129Your written instructions are miraculous. That is why I obey them.

130Your word is a doorway that lets in light, and it helps gullible people understand.

131I open my mouth and pant because I long for your commandments.

132Turn toward me, and have pity on me as you have pledged to do for those who love your name.

133Make my steps secure through your promise, and do not let any sin control me.

134Save me from human oppression so that I may obey your guiding principles.

135Smile on me, and teach me your laws.

136Streams of tears flow from my eyes because others do not follow your teachings.

137You are righteous, O LORD, and your regulations are fair.

138You have issued your written instructions. They are fair and completely dependable.

139My devotion [for your words] consumes me, because my enemies have forgotten your words.

140Your promise has been thoroughly tested, and I love it.

141I am unimportant and despised, [yet] I never forget your guiding principles.

142Your righteousness is an everlasting righteousness, and your teachings are reliable.

143Trouble and hardship have found me, but your commandments [still] make me happy.

144Your written instructions are always right. Help me understand [them] so that I will live.

145I have called out with all my heart. Answer me, O LORD. I want to obey your laws.

146I have called out. Save me, so that I can obey your written instructions.

147I got up before dawn, and I cried out for help. My hope is based on your word.

148My eyes are wide-open throughout the nighttime hours to reflect on your word.

149In keeping with your mercy, hear my voice. O LORD, give me a new life guided by your regulations.

150Those who carry out plots against me are near, [yet] they are far away from your teachings.

151You are near, O LORD, and all your commandments are reliable.

152Long ago I learned from your written instructions that you made them to last forever.

153Look at my misery, and rescue me, because I have never forgotten your teachings.

154Plead my case [for me], and save me. Give me a new life as you promised.

155Wicked people are far from being saved, because they have not searched for your laws.

156Your acts of compassion are many in number, O LORD. Give me a new life guided by your regulations.

157I have many persecutors and opponents, [yet] I have not turned away from your written instructions.

158I have seen traitors, and I am filled with disgust. They have not accepted your promise.

159See how I have loved your guiding principles! O LORD, in keeping with your mercy, give me a new life.

160There is nothing but truth in your word, and all of your righteous regulations endure forever.

161Influential people have persecuted me for no reason, but it is only your words that fill my heart with terror.

162I find joy in your promise like someone who finds a priceless treasure.

163I hate lying; I am disgusted with it. I love your teachings.

164Seven times a day I praise you for your righteous regulations.

165There is lasting peace for those who love your teachings. Nothing can make those people stumble.

166I have waited with hope for you to save me, O LORD. I have carried out your commandments.

167I have obeyed your written instructions. I have loved them very much.

168I have followed your guiding principles and your written instructions, because my whole life is in front of you.

169Let my cry for help come into your presence, O LORD. Help me understand as you promised.

170Let my plea for mercy come into your presence. Rescue me as you promised.

171Let my lips pour out praise because you teach me your laws.

172Let my tongue sing about your promise because all your commandments are fair.

173Let your hand help me because I have chosen [to follow]your guiding principles.

174I have longed for you to save me, O LORD, and your teachings make me happy.

175Let my soul have new life so that it can praise you. Let your regulations help me.

176I have wandered away like a lost lamb. Search for me, because I have never forgotten your commandments.

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