Proverbs 3
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1My son, do not forget my law and let your heart keep my commandments

2Because the length of days and the years of life they will add to you.

3And let not peace, favor and truth forsake you; bind them on your neck and write them upon the tablet of your heart

4That you may find mercies and grace and intelligence in the presence of God and in the presence of the children of men.

5Hope in LORD JEHOVAH from your whole heart and do not trust upon the wisdom of your soul.

6Know him in all your ways and he straightens your paths.

7Do not be wise in your own eyes but be in awe of LORD JEHOVAH and depart from evil

8That there may be healing to your flesh and fatness to your bones.

9Honor LORD JEHOVAH from your possessions and from the best of all your increase

10And your barns will be filled with fullness and your wine presses will pour forth wine.

11My son, do not reject the discipline of LORD JEHOVAH and do not neglect his admonition to you

12Because the one whom LORD JEHOVAH loves, he disciplines, as a father disciplines his son.

13Blessed is the man who finds wisdom and the son of man who finds understanding

14Because its merchandise is better than the merchandise of silver, and the excellencies of its increase than refined gold,

15For it is more valuable than precious stones and nothing is comparable to it.

16The length of days is in her right hand; wealth and honor in her left.

17Her ways are the ways of sweetness and all her paths are peace.

18She is a tree of life to those who hold her fast and blessed are those who look for her.

19LORD JEHOVAH in his wisdom laid the foundations of the Earth and the Heavens were established by his understanding;

20And in his knowledge the depths were broken up and the clouds sprinkle dew.

21My son, let not your eyes depart from keeping my teaching and my counsels.

22And it shall be Life to your soul and Grace to your neck.

23And then you will walk your ways in hope and you will not stumble by your foot.

24And you will sleep and be unafraid, and you will lie down, and sleep will be sweet to you.

25And you will not be afraid of trouble that comes suddenly, or of the rush of sinners when it comes.

26Because LORD JEHOVAH shall be with you and will keep your foot from being caught.

27Do not refrain from doing what is beautiful as long as you are able.

28And when you have possessions, do not say to your neighbor, "Go, and come again tomorrow, and I shall give to you."

29Do not devise evil against your neighbor who sits with you in the quiet.

30Do not judge with a man by deceit,

31And do not envy an evil man, neither desire any of his ways;

32Because an evil one is defiled before LORD JEHOVAH and the discourses of LORD JEHOVAH are with the upright.

33The curse of LORD JEHOVAH is in the houses of the evil and he will bless the dwellings of the righteous.

34And he will overthrow mockers, and he will hover over the wise.

35The wise will inherit honor and fools will receive disgrace.

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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