Mark 14
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The Plot to Kill Jesus
(Matthew 26:1–5; Luke 22:1–2; John 11:45–57)

1After two dayes folowed ester and the dayes of swete breed. And the hye prestes and the Scrybes sought meanes how they myght take hym by crafte and put him to deeth. 2But they sayde: not in the feast daye leest eny busynes aryse amonge the people.

Jesus Anointed at Bethany
(Matthew 26:6–13; Luke 7:36–50; John 12:1–8)

3When he was in Bethania in the housse of Simon the leper even as he sate at meate ther came a woma hauynge an alablaster boxe of oyntment called narde that was pure and costly: and she brake the boxe and powred it on is heed. 4And ther were some that were not content in them selves and sayde: what neded this waste of oyntment? 5For it myght have bene soolde for more then thre hundred pens and bene geve vnto the poore. And they grudged agaynste hir. 6And Iesus sayde: let hir be in reest why trouble ye hir? She hath done a good worke on me. 7For ye shall have poore with you all wayes: and when soever ye will ye maye do them good: but me ye shall not have alwayes. 8She hath done that she coulde: she came a fore honde to anoynt my boddy to his buryinge warde. 9Verely I saye vnto you: wheresoever this gospell shalbe preached thorowout the whole worlde: thys also that she hath done shalbe rehearsed in remembraunce of her.

Judas Agrees to Betray Jesus
(Matthew 26:14–16; Luke 22:3–6)

10And Iudas Iscarioth one of the twelve went awaye vnto the hye prestes to betraye hym vnto them. 11When they herde that they were gladde and promised yt they wolde geve him money. And he sought howe he myght conveniently betraye him.

Preparing the Passover
(Matthew 26:17–19; Luke 22:7–13)

12And the fyrste daye of swete breed when men offer ye pascall lambe his disciples sayd vnto him: where wilt thou that we goo and prepare that thou mayst eate the ester lambe? 13And he sent forth two of his disciples and sayde vnto them: Goo ye into the cyte and ther shall a man mete you beringe a pitcher of water folowe him. 14And whither soever he goeth in saye ye to ye good man of ye housse: the master axeth where is the geest chambre where I shall eate ye ester lambe with my disciples. 15And he will shewe you a greate parlour paved and prepared: there make ready for vs. 16And his disciples went forth and came to the cyte and founde as he had sayd vnto them: and made ready the ester lambe.

The Last Supper
(Matthew 26:20–30; Luke 22:14–23; 1 Corinthians 11:17–34)

17And at even he came with the .xii. 18And as they sate at borde and ate Iesus sayde: Verely I saye vnto you: that one of you shall betraye me which eateth with me. 19And they begane to morne and to saye to him one by one: ys it I? And a nother sayde: ys it I? 20He answered and sayde vnto them: It ys one of the .xii. and the same deppeth with me in the platter. 21The sonne of man goeth as it ys written of him: but woo be to that man by whome the sonne of man is betrayed. Good were it for him if that man had never bene borne.

22And as they ate Iesus toke breede blessed and brake and gave to them and sayde: Take eate this ys my body. 23And he toke the cup gave thankes and gave it to them and they all dranke of it. 24And he sayde vnto them: This is my bloude of the new testament which is sheed for many. 25Verely I saye vnto you: I will drinke no moore of this frute of the vyne vntyll that daye that I drinke it new in the kyngdome of God.

26And when they had sayd grace they went out to mount Olyvete.

Jesus Predicts Peter’s Denial
(Zechariah 13:7–9; Matthew 26:31–35; Luke 22:31–38; John 13:36–38)

27And Iesus sayde vnto them: All ye shalbe offended thorow me this nyght. For it is wrytte: I will smyte ye shepeherd and the shepe shalbe scattered. 28But after that I am rysen agayne I will goo into Galile before you. 29Peter sayde vnto him: And though all men shuld be offended yet wolde not I. 30And Iesus sayd vnto him: Verely I saye vnto ye this daye even in this nyght before ye cocke crowe twyse thou shalt denye me thryse. 31And he spake boldlyer: no yf I shulde dye wt the I will not deny the. Lyke wyse also sayd they all.

Jesus Prays at Gethsemane
(Matthew 26:36–46; Luke 22:39–46)

32And they came into a place named Gethsemani. And he sayde to his disciples: Syt ye here whyll I goo aparte and praye. 33And he toke with him Peter Iames and Iohn and he began to waxe abasshed and to be in an agonye 34and sayde vnto the: My soule is very hevy even vnto the deeth tary here and watche. 35And he went forth a lytle and fell doune on ye grounde and prayed: that yf it were possible the houre myght passe from him.

36And he sayd: Abba father all thinges are possible vnto the take awaye this cup from me. Neverthelesse not that I will but that thou wilt be done. 37And he cam and founde the slepinge and sayd to Peter: Simon slepest thou? Couldest not thou watche with me one houre? 38watche ye and praye leest ye entre into temptacion: ye sprete is redy but ye flessh is weeke. 39And agayne he went awaye and prayde and spake ye same wordes. 40And he returned and founde them a slepe agayne for their eyes were hevy: nether wist they what to answere him. 41And he cam the thyrde tyme and sayd vnto the: slepe hens forth and take youre ease it is ynough. The houre is come beholde ye sonne of man shalbe delyvered into ye hondes of synners. 42Ryse vp let vs goo. Loo he that betrayeth me is at hande.

The Betrayal of Jesus
(Matthew 26:47–56; Luke 22:47–53; John 18:1–14)

43And immediatly whyll he yet spake came Iudas one of the twelve and with him a greate nomber of people with sweardes and staves from the hye prestes and scribes and elders. 44And he that betrayed him had geven them a generall toke sayi nge: whosoever I do kisse he it is: take him and leade him awaye warely. 45And assone as he was come he went streyght waye to him and sayd vnto him: master master and kissed him. 46And they layde their hondes on him and toke him. 47And one of them that stode by drue out a swearde and smote a servaunt of the hye preste and cut of his eare. 48And Iesus answered and sayd vnto the: ye be come out as vnto a thefe wt sweardes and with staves for to take me. 49I was dayly with you in ye temple teachinge and ye toke me not: but yt the scriptures shuld be fulfilled. 50And they all forsoke him and ranne awaye.

51And ther folowed him a certeyne yonge man cloothed in lynnen apon ye bare and the yongemen caught him 52and he lefte his lynnen and fleed from them naked.

Jesus before the Sanhedrin
(Matthew 26:57–68; Luke 22:66–71; John 18:19–24)

53And they leed Iesus awaye to ye hyest preste of all and to him came all the hye prestes and the elders and the scribes. 54And Peter folowed him a greate waye of even into the pallys of the hye preste and sat with the servauntes and warmed him sylfe at the fyre. 55And the hye prestes and all ye counsell sought for witnes agaynste Iesu to put him to death and founde noone. 56Yet many bare falce witnes agaynste him but their witnes aggreed not to geder. 57And ther aroose certayne and brought falce witnes agaynste him sayinge. 58We herde him saye: I will destroye this temple made with hondes and with in thre dayes I will bylde another made with out hondes. 59But their witnes agreed not to geder. 60And the hyeste preste stode up amongest them and axed Iesus sayinge: answerest thou nothinge? How is it that these beare witnes agaynst the? 61And he helde his peace and answered noothinge. Agayne the hyeste Preste axed him and sayde vnto him: Arte thou Christ the sonne of the blessed? 62And Iesus sayde: I am. And ye shall se the sonne of man syt on the ryght honde of power and come in the cloudes of heven. 63Then the hyest preste rent his cloothes and sayd: what nede we eny further of witnes? 64Ye have herde the blasphemy what thinke ye? And they all gave sentence yt he was worthy of deeth. 65And some begane to spit at him and to cover his face and to bete him with fistes and to saye vnto him arede vnto vs. And the servauntes boffeted him on the face.

Peter Denies Jesus
(Matthew 26:69–75; Luke 22:54–62; John 18:15–18)

66And as Peter was beneeth in ye pallys ther came one of ye weches of ye hyest preste: 67and whe she saw Petre warmynge him sylfe she loked on him and sayd: wast not thou also wt Iesus of Nazareth? 68And he denyed it sayinge: I knowe him not nether wot I what thou sayest. And he went out into ye poorche and the cocke crewe. 69And a damsell sawe him and agayne beganne to saye to the that stode by this is one of the. 70And he denyed it agayne. And anone after they that stode by sayde agayne to Peter: suerly thou arte one of the for thou arte of Galile and thy speache agreth therto. 71And he beganne to cursse and to sweare sayinge: I knowe not this man of whom ye speake. 72And agayne the cocke krewe and Peter remembred the worde that Iesus sayd vnto him: before the cocke crowe twyse thou shalt deny me thryse and beganne to wepe.

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