Psalm 104
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1Bless LORD JEHOVAH, my soul! LORD JEHOVAH my God is very great; he wears brightness and glory!

2He is covered in light like a cloak. He has stretched out Heaven like a curtain.

3He makes his lofty dwellings in the waters and sets his chariot above the clouds and walks upon the wings of the wind.

4He makes his Angels the wind and his ministers burning fire.

5He has prepared Earth upon its foundations that it will not move for an eternity of eternities.

6The deep was like a cloak for its covering and above the mountains the waters rose up.

7From your rebuke they flee and they hasten from the voice of your thunders.

8They went up the mountains and they came down the valleys into the place which you prepared for them.

9You have set borders for them which they will not cross and cover the earth.

10You have sent the springs into the valleys and they walk among the mountains.

11And they give drink to all the animals of the wilderness and satisfy wild donkeys that thirst.

12And the birds of the sky alight upon them; from among the mountains they give a sound.

13He waters the mountains from his lofty dwellings; from the fruit of your works you will satisfy the Earth.

14He makes grass to sprout for the beasts and green plants for the service of man to bring forth bread from the Earth.

15Wine gladdens the heart of the son of man and brightens his face with oil; bread sustains the heart of the son of man.

16The trees of LORD JEHOVAH will be satisfied and the cedars of Lebanon that he has planted.

17There the fowl have made a nest and the stork nests itself in the cypress.

18The high mountains for the mountain goats and the crags are a refuge for the rabbits.

19He made the moon for times and the sun knows the time of its settings.

20He made the darkness and there was night and in it pass through all the wild beasts of the forest.

21The lionesses roar to tear apart and to seek their food from God.

22The rising of the sun they are gathered and they lie down in their dwellings.

23A son of man goes forth to his work and for his service until the evening.

24How many are your works LORD JEHOVAH, and you have made them all in wisdom, and you have filled the earth with your possessions!

25This is the great sea and an expanse round about in which are swarming things without number, great creatures with the small.

26In it the ships travel; this is Leviathan which you have created to be merry in it.

27All are waiting for you to give them food in their times.

28You give to them and they are fed; you open your hand and they are satisfied.

29You turn your face and they are disturbed; you take their spirit and they die and return to their dust.

30You send your Spirit and they are created and you renew the face of the earth.

31The glory of LORD JEHOVAH shall be for eternity! LORD JEHOVAH will rejoice in his works.

32For he looks at the earth and it quakes and he rebukes the mountains and they smoke!

33I shall praise LORD JEHOVAH with my life and I shall sing praise to my God as long as I endure.

34My praise will delight him I shall rejoice in LORD JEHOVAH!

35Sinners will cease from the earth and the evil will not be seen in it. Bless LORD JEHOVAH, my soul!

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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