7588. shaon
Strong's Concordance
shaon: a roar (of waters, etc.), din, crash, uproar
Original Word: שָׁאוֹן
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: shaon
Phonetic Spelling: (shaw-one')
Definition: a roar (of waters, etc.), din, crash, uproar
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from shaah
a roar (of waters, etc.), din, crash, uproar
NASB Translation
big noise (1), clamor (1), destruction (1), din (1), noise (1), revelers* (1), riotous (1), roaring (2), rumbling (3), tumult (3), uproar (4).

שָׁאוֺן noun masculineHosea 10:14 roar (of waters, etc.), din, crash, uproar; — absolute ׳שׁ Hosea 10:14 +; construct שְׁאוֺן Isaiah 13:4 +; suffix שְׁאוֺנָהּ Isaiah 5:14; —

1 roar of water (waves), Isaiah 17:12 ("" הָמָה), simile of noise of invading host, so Isaiah 17:13, but strike out Du CheHpt Marti, as doublet; roar of this host Isaiah 17:12 ("" הָמוֺן), compare שְׁאוֺן קוֺלָם Jeremiah 51:55 of waves also Psalm 65:8 (twice in verse); of din, or crash of battle Amos 2:2; Hosea 10:14; Psalm 74:23; ׳בְּנֵי שׁ Jeremiah 48:45 (i. e. warriors); of battle in which ׳י beats down his foes Jeremiah 25:31, compare Isaiah 66:6; of gathering hosts Isaiah 13:4; זָרִים Isaiah 25:3 (Du Marti, plausibly, גְּאוֺן זְדִים, as Isaiah 13:11); read ׳שׁ also probably (for שַׁאֲנָן, q. v.) 2 Kings 19:28 = Isaiah 37:29; in mocking appell. of Pharaoh (Necho), Jeremiah 46:17 ׳מּ (ᵐ5 ᵑ6 ᵑ9) קִרְאוּ שֵׁם call ye the name of Phoenician a crash.

2 uproar of revellers Isaiah 5:14; Isaiah 24:8. — ׳בּוֺר שׁ Psalm 40:3, pit of roaring (of waters? figurative, compare מַעֲמַקֵּימַֿיִם Psalm 69:3, where also "" יָוִן); Thes and others of destruction (see √ 2), but against usage of שָׁאוֺן; > Du proposes בּוֺר שָׁוְא (compare נָפַת שָׁוְא Isaiah 30:28).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
horrible, noise, pomp, rushing, tumultuous

From sha'ah; uproar (as of rushing); by implication, destruction -- X horrible, noise, pomp, rushing, tumult (X -uous).

see HEBREW sha'ah

Forms and Transliterations
בְּשָׁאוֹן֙ בשאון וּשְׁא֣וֹן וּשְׁאוֹנָ֖הּ ושאון ושאונה כִּשְׁא֛וֹן כִּשְׁא֞וֹן כשאון שְׁא֖וֹן שְׁא֞וֹן שְׁא֣וֹן שְׁא֥וֹן שָׁא֔וֹן שָׁאֽוֹן׃ שָׁאוֹן֙ שָׁאוֹן֮ שאון שאון׃ bə·šā·’ō·wn bəšā’ōwn beshaOn kiš’ōwn kiš·’ō·wn kishon šā’ōwn šā·’ō·wn šə’ōwn šə·’ō·wn shaOn sheon ū·šə·’ō·w·nāh ū·šə·’ō·wn ūšə’ōwn ūšə’ōwnāh usheon usheoNah
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Englishman's Concordance
Psalm 40:2
HEB: וַיַּעֲלֵ֤נִי ׀ מִבּ֥וֹר שָׁאוֹן֮ מִטִּ֪יט הַיָּ֫וֵ֥ן
NAS: me up out of the pit of destruction, out of the miry
KJV: He brought me up also out of an horrible pit,
INT: brought of the pit of destruction clay of the miry

Psalm 65:7
HEB: מַשְׁבִּ֤יחַ ׀ שְׁא֣וֹן יַ֭מִּים שְׁא֥וֹן
NAS: Who stills the roaring of the seas,
KJV: Which stilleth the noise of the seas,
INT: stills the roaring of the seas the roaring

Psalm 65:7
HEB: שְׁא֣וֹן יַ֭מִּים שְׁא֥וֹן גַּלֵּיהֶ֗ם וַהֲמ֥וֹן
NAS: of the seas, The roaring of their waves,
KJV: of the seas, the noise of their waves,
INT: the roaring of the seas the roaring of their waves and the tumult

Psalm 74:23
HEB: ק֣וֹל צֹרְרֶ֑יךָ שְׁא֥וֹן קָ֝מֶ֗יךָ עֹלֶ֥ה
NAS: of Your adversaries, The uproar of those who rise
KJV: of thine enemies: the tumult of those that rise up
INT: the voice of your adversaries the uproar rise ascends

Isaiah 5:14
HEB: הֲדָרָ֧הּ וַהֲמוֹנָ֛הּ וּשְׁאוֹנָ֖הּ וְעָלֵ֥ז בָּֽהּ׃
NAS: her multitude, her din [of revelry] and the jubilant
KJV: and their multitude, and their pomp, and he that rejoiceth,
INT: splendor her multitude her din and the jubilant

Isaiah 13:4
HEB: רָ֑ב ק֠וֹל שְׁא֞וֹן מַמְלְכ֤וֹת גּוֹיִם֙
NAS: A sound of the uproar of kingdoms,
KJV: people; a tumultuous noise
INT: of many A sound of the uproar of kingdoms of nations

Isaiah 17:12
HEB: יַמִּ֖ים יֶהֱמָי֑וּן וּשְׁא֣וֹן לְאֻמִּ֔ים כִּשְׁא֛וֹן
NAS: of the seas, And the rumbling of nations
KJV: of the seas; and to the rushing of nations,
INT: of the seas the roaring and the rumbling of nations the rumbling

Isaiah 17:12
HEB: וּשְׁא֣וֹן לְאֻמִּ֔ים כִּשְׁא֛וֹן מַ֥יִם כַּבִּירִ֖ים
NAS: Who rush on like the rumbling of mighty
INT: and the rumbling of nations the rumbling waters of mighty

Isaiah 17:13
HEB: לְאֻמִּ֗ים כִּשְׁא֞וֹן מַ֤יִם רַבִּים֙
NAS: rumble on like the rumbling of many
KJV: shall rush like the rushing of many
INT: the nations the rumbling waters of many

Isaiah 24:8
HEB: תֻּפִּ֔ים חָדַ֖ל שְׁא֣וֹן עַלִּיזִ֑ים שָׁבַ֖ת
NAS: ceases, The noise of revelers
KJV: ceaseth, the noise of them that rejoice
INT: of tambourines stops the noise of revelers ceases

Isaiah 25:5
HEB: כְּחֹ֣רֶב בְּצָי֔וֹן שְׁא֥וֹן זָרִ֖ים תַּכְנִ֑יעַ
NAS: You subdue the uproar of aliens;
KJV: Thou shalt bring down the noise of strangers,
INT: heat drought the uproar of aliens subdue

Isaiah 66:6
HEB: ק֤וֹל שָׁאוֹן֙ מֵעִ֔יר ק֖וֹל
NAS: A voice of uproar from the city,
KJV: A voice of noise from the city,
INT: A voice of uproar the city A voice

Jeremiah 25:31
HEB: בָּ֤א שָׁאוֹן֙ עַד־ קְצֵ֣ה
NAS: A clamor has come to the end
KJV: A noise shall come [even] to the ends
INT: has come A clamor against to the end

Jeremiah 46:17
HEB: מֶֽלֶךְ־ מִצְרַ֙יִם֙ שָׁא֔וֹן הֶעֱבִ֖יר הַמּוֹעֵֽד׃
NAS: of Egypt [is] [but] a big noise; He has let the appointed time
KJV: of Egypt [is but] a noise; he hath passed
INT: king of Egypt a big pass the appointed

Jeremiah 48:45
HEB: וְקָדְקֹ֖ד בְּנֵ֥י שָׁאֽוֹן׃
NAS: And the scalps of the riotous revelers.
KJV: and the crown of the head of the tumultuous ones.
INT: and the scalps ones of the riotous

Jeremiah 51:55
HEB: רַבִּ֔ים נִתַּ֥ן שְׁא֖וֹן קוֹלָֽם׃
NAS: waters; The tumult of their voices
KJV: waters, a noise of their voice
INT: many sounds the tumult of their voices

Hosea 10:14
HEB: וְקָ֣אם שָׁאוֹן֮ בְּעַמֶּךָ֒ וְכָל־
NAS: Therefore a tumult will arise
KJV: Therefore shall a tumult arise
INT: will arise A tumult your people and all

Amos 2:2
HEB: הַקְּרִיּ֑וֹת וּמֵ֤ת בְּשָׁאוֹן֙ מוֹאָ֔ב בִּתְרוּעָ֖ה
NAS: will die amid tumult, With war cries
KJV: shall die with tumult, with shouting,
INT: of Kerioth will die tumult and Moab war

18 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 7588
18 Occurrences

bə·šā·’ō·wn — 1 Occ.
kiš·’ō·wn — 2 Occ.
šā·’ō·wn — 6 Occ.
šə·’ō·wn — 7 Occ.
ū·šə·’ō·wn — 1 Occ.
ū·šə·’ō·w·nāh — 1 Occ.

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