Lamentations 3
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1Aleph God The Mighty One saw my oppression with the rod of his wrath

2He led me and he walked me in darkness and not in the light

3However he shall turn and he shall return his hand against me all day

4Beth He has worn out my skin and my flesh and he has broken my bones

5He has built up against me and bitterness and desolation surrounded me*

6In darkness he made me dwell like the dead for eternity

7Gimel He has shut in my presence that I would not come out, and he strengthened my chains

8Even if I shall seek and pray, he does not hear my prayer .

9He hedged my ways in with thorns and turned my steps aside

10Daleth For a wolf was lying in wait for me and a lion in a secret place

11My roads he has made crooked; he has torn me to pieces and he has put me into destruction

12He filled his bow and he stood me up as the mark for an arrow

13He Behold, he has brought his arrows into my kidneys

14I have been a mockery among all the nations and their chant all day

15He has filled me with bitterness, and he made me drunk with wormwood

16Waw And he broke my teeth with a stone and he covered me in ashes

17And my soul has been led astray from peace and I have forgotten good

18And I said: "My victory and my hope are destroyed from LORD JEHOVAH!”

19Zayin Remember my oppression and my chastisement of bitterness and of wormwood!

20Remember and return my soul to me!

21This I shall set on my heart. Because of this, I shall wait for him

22Kheth The kindness of LORD JEHOVAH that does not fail and his mercies that do not end

23In the newness of the morning, great is your faithfulness , LORD JEHOVAH!

24My soul has said: “He is my portion”; because of this, I shall wait for him

25Teth LORD JEHOVAH is good to him who waits for him, and to the soul that seeks him

26It is good for him who hopes in truth for the redemption of LORD JEHOVAH

27It is good for a man when he will take up your yoke in his youth

28Yodh He will sit alone and he will be silent, because he has taken your yoke upon himself

29He will put his mouth into the dust, because there is hope

30He will give his cheek to him who hits him, and he will be filled with reproach

31Kaph Because LORD JEHOVAH does not forget for eternity

32But he is lowly and he shows love according to the multitude of his compassions

33Because he has not answered from his heart, and he humbles the children of mighty men

34Lamed To subdue under his feet all the prisoners of Earth

35To incline the judgment of a man toward the face of The Highest

36LORD JEHOVAH does not countenance condemning a son of man in his cause

37Mem Who is this that speaks and it was what LORD JEHOVAH has not commanded?

38From the mouth of The Exalted One, evil and good do not come out!

39Why does a son of man and a man who lives think much upon his sins?

40Nun We shall search our ways and we shall examine and we shall be converted to LORD JEHOVAH

41We shall lift up our hearts on our hands to God in Heaven!

42We have done evil and we have rebelled and you did not forgive

43Samekh You have overshadowed in your anger and you pursued us and you killed and you did not pity

44You covered yourself up with your cloud and you put away our prayer

45You have caused us to be uprooted and rejected among the nations

46Ayin My eyes shed tears and are not still, from which there is no relief

47Until LORD JEHOVAH will gaze and will see from Heaven

48My eye was troubled by my soul for all the daughters of my cities

49Pe All my enemies have opened their mouths against me

50Fear and shaking was ours, the pit and ruin

51My eyes made streams of waters flow for the ruin of the daughter of my people

52Tsadhe My enemies hunted me freely like a bird

53They ended my life in a pit; they cast stones at me

54The waters flowed above my head. I said, “I am taken far away!”

55Qoph I cried your name, LORD JEHOVAH, from the pit below

56You heard my voice. “Do not incline your ear, but free me and save me!”

57You came in the day that I called you and you said to me: “Do not be afraid!”

58Resh You judged, LORD JEHOVAH, the cause of my soul, and you saved my life!

59You have seen, LORD JEHOVAH, my affliction! You decided my judgment!

60You have seen all their vengeance, and all that they have devised against me

61Shin You have heard their reproach, LORD JEHOVAH, and all that they have devised against me

62The lips of those that stood and schemed against me all day

63Their sitting and their rising I understand from their scheme

64Tau Return to them their payment, LORD JEHOVAH, according to the work of their hands

65Give them grief of heart, and your affliction to them

66You shall pursue, and in your passion you will destroy them from under your heavens, LORD JEHOVAH

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Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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