91. adikeó
Strong's Concordance
adikeó: to do wrong, act wickedly
Original Word: ἀδικέω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: adikeó
Phonetic Spelling: (ad-ee-keh'-o)
Definition: to do wrong, act wickedly
Usage: I act unjustly towards, injure, harm.
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Cognate: 91 adikéō (from 93 /adikía, "unrighteousness") – properly, doing wrong (committing injustice), especially to inflict undeserved hurt by ignoring God's justice – i.e. acting contrary to what is divinely approved. See 93 (adikia).

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from adikos
to do wrong, act wickedly
NASB Translation
am a wrongdoer (1), damage (1), do harm (1), do wrong (1), does wrong (2), doing...wrong (1), done...wrong (2), harm (4), hurt (3), injure (2), injuring (1), offended (1), offender (1), treated unjustly (1), wrong (2), wrong...done (1), wronged (3).

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 91: ἀδικέω

ἀδικέω, (ῶ; (future ἀδικήσω; 1 aorist ἠδίκησα; passive, (present ἀδικοῦμαι; 1 aor, ἠδικήθην; literally to be ἄδικος.

1. absolutely;

a. to act unjustly or wickedly, to sin: Revelation 22:11; Colossians 3:25.

b. to be a criminal, to have violated the laws in some way: Acts 25:11 (often so in Greek writings (cf. Winers Grammar, § 40, 2 c.)).

c. to do wrong: 1 Corinthians 6:8; 2 Corinthians 7:12.

d. to do hurt: Revelation 9:19.

2. transitively;

a. τί, to do some wrong, sin in some respect: Colossians 3:25 ( ἠδίκησε 'the wrong which he hath done').

b. τινα, to wrong some one, act wickedly toward him: Acts 7:26f (by blows); Matthew 20:13 (by fraud); 2 Corinthians 7:2; passive ἀδικεῖσθαι to be wronged, 2 Corinthians 7:12; Acts 7:24; middle ἀδικοῦμαι to suffer oneself to be wronged, take wrong (Winers Grammar, § 38, 3; cf. Riddell, Platonic Idioms, § 87f): 1 Corinthians 6:7; τινα οὐδέν (Buttmann, § 131, 10: Winer's Grammar, 227 (213)), Acts 25:10; Galatians 4:12; τινα τί, Philemon 1:18; (ἀδικούμενοι μισθόν ἀδικίας (R. V. suffering wrong as the hire of wrong-doing), 2 Peter 2:13 WH Tr marginal reading).)

c. τινα, to hurt, damage, harm (in this sense by Greeks of every period): Luke 10:19; Revelation 6:6; Revelation 7:2; Revelation 9:4, 10; Revelation 11:5; passive οὐ μή ἀδικηθῇ ἐκ τοῦ θανάτου shall suffer no violence from death, Revelation 2:11.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
hurt, injure, be an offender, be unjust.

From adikos; to be unjust, i.e. (actively) do wrong (morally, socially or physically) -- hurt, injure, be an offender, be unjust, (do, suffer, take) wrong.

see GREEK adikos

Forms and Transliterations
αδικείν αδικεισθε αδικείσθε ἀδικεῖσθε αδικειτε αδικείτε ἀδικεῖτε αδικηθεντος αδικηθέντος ἀδικηθέντος αδικηθη αδικηθή ἀδικηθῇ αδικησαι αδικήσαι ἀδικῆσαι αδικήσαντας αδικησαντος αδικήσαντος ἀδικήσαντος αδικησάντων αδικησατω αδικησάτω ἀδικησάτω αδικησει αδικήσει ἀδικήσει αδικήσειν αδικήσεις ἀδικήσῃ αδικησης αδικήσης ἀδικήσῃς αδικησητε αδικήσητε ἀδικήσητε αδικησουσιν αδικήσουσιν ἀδικήσουσιν αδικήσω αδικήσωσι αδικούμαι αδικουμενοι ἀδικούμενοι αδικουμένοις αδικουμενον αδικούμενον ἀδικούμενον αδικούμενος αδικουμένων αδικούντάς αδικούντι αδικούντος αδικούσι αδικούσί αδικουσιν ἀδικοῦσιν αδικω αδικώ ἀδικῶ αδικων αδικών ἀδικῶν ηδικηκα ἠδίκηκα ηδικηκός ηδίκησα ηδίκησά ἠδίκησα ηδικησαμεν ηδικήσαμεν ἠδικήσαμεν ηδίκησαν ηδίκησας ηδικησατε ἠδικήσατε ηδίκησε ηδίκησέ ηδικησεν ηδίκησεν ἠδίκησεν ἠδίκησέν ηδίκουν ὃ adikeisthe adikeîsthe adikeite adikeîte adikesai adikêsai adikēsai adikē̂sai adikesantos adikēsantos adikḗsantos adikesato adikesáto adikēsatō adikēsátō adikese adikēsē adikḗsei adikḗsēi adikḗseis adikḗsēis adikeses adikēsēs adikesete adikēsēte adikḗsete adikḗsēte adikesousin adikēsousin adikḗsousin adikethe adikēthē adikethêi adikēthē̂i adikethentos adikethéntos adikēthentos adikēthéntos adiko adikô adikō adikō̂ adikon adikôn adikōn adikō̂n adikoumenoi adikoúmenoi adikoumenon adikoúmenon adikousin adikoûsin edikesa edíkesa ēdikēsa ēdíkēsa edikesamen edikḗsamen ēdikēsamen ēdikḗsamen edikesate edikḗsate ēdikēsate ēdikḗsate edikesen edíkesen edíkesén ēdikēsen ēdíkēsen ēdíkēsén o
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Englishman's Concordance
Matthew 20:13 V-PIA-1S
GRK: Ἑταῖρε οὐκ ἀδικῶ σε οὐχὶ
NAS: of them, 'Friend, I am doing you no
KJV: thee no wrong: didst not
INT: Friend not I do wrong you Not

Luke 10:19 V-FIA-3S
GRK: οὐ μὴ ἀδικήσῃ
NAS: and nothing will injure you.
KJV: shall by any means hurt you.
INT: no not will injure

Acts 7:24 V-PPM/P-AMS
GRK: ἰδών τινα ἀδικούμενον ἠμύνατο καὶ
NAS: one [of them] being treated unjustly, he defended
KJV: one [of them] suffer wrong, he defended
INT: having seen a certain one being wronged he defended [him] and

Acts 7:26 V-PIA-2P
GRK: ἵνα τί ἀδικεῖτε ἀλλήλους
NAS: why do you injure one another?'
KJV: why do ye wrong one to another?
INT: that why wrong you one another

Acts 7:27 V-PPA-NMS
GRK: ὁ δὲ ἀδικῶν τὸν πλησίον
NAS: But the one who was injuring his neighbor
KJV: his neighbour wrong thrust
INT: the [one] however wronging the neighbor

Acts 25:10 V-RIA-1S
GRK: Ἰουδαίους οὐδὲν ἠδίκησα ὡς καὶ
NAS: to be tried. I have done no
KJV: have I done no wrong, as thou
INT: To [the] Jews nothing I did wrong as also

Acts 25:11 V-PIA-1S
GRK: μὲν οὖν ἀδικῶ καὶ ἄξιον
NAS: then, I am a wrongdoer and have committed
KJV: if I be an offender, or
INT: indeed for I do wrong and worthy

1 Corinthians 6:7 V-PIM/P-2P
GRK: οὐχὶ μᾶλλον ἀδικεῖσθε διὰ τί
NAS: not rather be wronged? Why
KJV: not rather take wrong? why do ye
INT: not rather suffer wrong because of why

1 Corinthians 6:8 V-PIA-2P
GRK: ἀλλὰ ὑμεῖς ἀδικεῖτε καὶ ἀποστερεῖτε
NAS: you yourselves wrong and defraud.
KJV: Nay, ye do wrong, and defraud,
INT: But you do wrong and defraud

2 Corinthians 7:2 V-AIA-1P
GRK: ἡμᾶς οὐδένα ἠδικήσαμεν οὐδένα ἐφθείραμεν
NAS: Make room for us [in your hearts]; we wronged no
KJV: us; we have wronged no man,
INT: us no one did we wrong no one did we corrupt

2 Corinthians 7:12 V-APA-GMS
GRK: ἕνεκεν τοῦ ἀδικήσαντος ἀλλ' οὐδὲ
NAS: to you, [it was] not for the sake of the offender nor
KJV: for his cause that had done the wrong, nor
INT: for the sake of the [one] having done wrong rather nor

2 Corinthians 7:12 V-APP-GMS
GRK: ἕνεκεν τοῦ ἀδικηθέντος ἀλλ' ἕνεκεν
NAS: for the sake of the one offended, but that your earnestness
KJV: for his cause that suffered wrong, but
INT: for the sake of the [one] having suffered wrong rather for the sake of

Galatians 4:12 V-AIA-2P
GRK: οὐδέν με ἠδικήσατε
NAS: as I [am], for I also [have become] as you [are]. You have done me no
KJV: ye [are]: ye have not injured me
INT: in nothing me you wronged

Colossians 3:25 V-PPA-NMS
GRK: ὁ γὰρ ἀδικῶν κομίσεται ὃ
NAS: For he who does wrong will receive
KJV: But he that doeth wrong shall receive
INT: he who indeed does wrong will receive [for] what

Colossians 3:25 V-AIA-3S
GRK: κομίσεται ὃ ἠδίκησεν καὶ οὐκ
NAS: For he who does wrong will receive
KJV: which he hath done: and
INT: will receive [for] what he did wrong and not

Philemon 1:18 V-AIA-3S
GRK: δέ τι ἠδίκησέν σε ἢ
NAS: But if he has wronged you in any way
KJV: If he hath wronged thee, or
INT: moreover anything he wronged you or

2 Peter 2:13 V-PPM/P-NMP
GRK: ἀδικούμενοι μισθὸν ἀδικίας
NAS: suffering wrong as the wages
INT: Suffering wrong [the] reward of unrighteousness

Revelation 2:11 V-ASP-3S
GRK: οὐ μὴ ἀδικηθῇ ἐκ τοῦ
NAS: He who overcomes will not be hurt by the second
KJV: shall not be hurt of the second
INT: no not shall be injured by the

Revelation 6:6 V-ASA-2S
GRK: οἶνον μὴ ἀδικήσῃς
NAS: for a denarius; and do not damage the oil
KJV: and [see] thou hurt not
INT: wine not you might damage

Revelation 7:2 V-ANA
GRK: ἐδόθη αὐτοῖς ἀδικῆσαι τὴν γῆν
NAS: it was granted to harm the earth
KJV: it was given to hurt the earth and
INT: it was given to them to harm the earth

Revelation 7:3 V-ASA-2P
GRK: λέγων Μὴ ἀδικήσητε τὴν γῆν
NAS: saying, Do not harm the earth or
KJV: Saying, Hurt not the earth,
INT: saying [do] not harm the earth

Revelation 9:4 V-FIA-3P
GRK: ἵνα μὴ ἀδικήσουσιν τὸν χόρτον
NAS: They were told not to hurt the grass
KJV: not hurt the grass
INT: that not they should harm the grass

Revelation 9:10 V-ANA
GRK: ἐξουσία αὐτῶν ἀδικῆσαι τοὺς ἀνθρώπους
NAS: is their power to hurt men
KJV: their power [was] to hurt men five
INT: power of them to injure men

Revelation 9:19 V-PIA-3P
GRK: ἐν αὐταῖς ἀδικοῦσιν
NAS: heads, and with them they do harm.
KJV: with them they do hurt.
INT: with them they injure

Revelation 11:5 V-ANA
GRK: αὐτοὺς θέλει ἀδικῆσαι πῦρ ἐκπορεύεται
NAS: anyone wants to harm them, fire flows
KJV: if any man will hurt them, fire
INT: them should will to harm fire goes out

Strong's Greek 91
28 Occurrences

ἀδικῆσαι — 4 Occ.
ἀδικήσαντος — 1 Occ.
ἀδικησάτω — 1 Occ.
ἀδικήσῃ — 1 Occ.
ἀδικήσῃς — 1 Occ.
ἀδικήσητε — 1 Occ.
ἀδικήσουσιν — 1 Occ.
ἀδικηθῇ — 1 Occ.
ἀδικηθέντος — 1 Occ.
ἀδικεῖσθε — 1 Occ.
ἀδικεῖτε — 2 Occ.
ἀδικῶ — 2 Occ.
ἀδικῶν — 3 Occ.
ἀδικούμενοι — 1 Occ.
ἀδικούμενον — 1 Occ.
ἀδικοῦσιν — 1 Occ.
ἠδίκησα — 1 Occ.
ἠδικήσαμεν — 1 Occ.
ἠδικήσατε — 1 Occ.
ἠδίκησεν — 2 Occ.

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